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Australia?s number one and preferred Re-useable Straw Supplier to the food services industry.

Our Point of Difference ?

Straw Cleaning Rack

Suck It Up is excited to introduce a brand-new product within the food services industry that provides a quick and effective solution to cleaning and sanitising bulk steel straws.



Our goal at Suck It Up Straws is to show business owners and consumers that being ?eco -friendly/green? does not have to cost the earth. In fact, we can all save money by?reusing?instead of replacing.? Suck It Up Straws does this by offering consumer retail stands,?industry bulk buys?and the worlds only way to bulk clean reusable straws.

Suck It Up Straws specialize in providing businesses and the consumer with every reusable straw in the market. We have reusable straws made from glass, silicon and stainless steel.? Again we believe that if we offer a range of options to businesses and consumers we can reduce the use of disposable items.?What is really great about our company, however, is that we have ALSO solved the problem of how dine-in businesses can efficiently and effectively clean their own reusable straws. Thus, saving the hospitality industry thousands of dollars on single use straws and saving our environment thousands of kilos of waste.

Our world-first straw cleaning rack allows the hospitality industry to save over $4000 a year on single use straws.?With utilizing our rack Stainless Steel Straws become more affordable and ? the cost of paper straws.

When you partner with Suck It Up Straws you immediately win the hearts and minds of your customers not only are you listening to what your customers want (no more soggy paper straws) but you are also an organization who has removed over 40,000 single use straws from cycle!

Who are we?

An environmentally conscious business which was founded to help reduce our impact on the environment. Traveling the world has opened our eyes to the damage single-use plastic including plastic straws is doing to our waterways, our land, our nature and, our culture. Single-use plastic was provided to make things in our everyday life more convenient and less hassle to the end user. Suck it Up Straws wants to provide the same convenience in a cost-effective way that puts preserving the environment first, ahead of the ?convenient? culture we are currently victim to, by providing access to the affordable, strong & reusable alternative, stainless steel straws.

SIU Dishwasher Rack

  • Material of the SIU Rack is made of polypropylene and fibre glass which has good resistance to chemicals and maintain structural & mechanical integrity at temperatures of up to 100 degree Celsius in a commercial grade dish washing unit.
  • Designed to clean & sanitise the inside and outside of straight or bent 8 & 9mm diameter Steel Straws.
  • Designed for rapid loading and separation to maximise water flow between straws.
  • Our SIU Rack is configured to adopt an upstanding position to take advantage of the vertical sprays of water from the top and bottom of the dish washer.
  • The size of the apertures top, bottom and diagonal of the SIU Dishwasher Rack are designed to maximise water flow from all directions.
  • Attached straw cleaning brush attached on the inside of the housing to shift any extra sticky food or microbial items during pre-cleaning or soaking
  • Time saving, cost effective in cleaning 100 straws in one clean.
  • A Functional rack that is ideal for Straw display, holding and dispensing? for all areas of the kitchen, counter top or bar.

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Australia?s number one and preferred re-usable Straw Supplier to the food services industry.

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